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Saturday August 18th 2018

Pro-Ject Roadshow

We were delighted to welcome Pro-Ject Audio’s distributor, Henley Audio who visited to do two demonstrations of a small selection of their turntable range.


To give listeners a taste of what happens as you progress through the range, the demonstration concentrated on dissecting four keys areas of turntable design - arm, cartridge, plinth and platter.

The demonstration included the following comparisons:

Debut Carbon to Xpression with 2M Red both with steel platters to demonstrate the benefit of an improved arm.

Xpression 2M Red, steel platter to acrylic platter to demonstrate the benefits of a better platter material.

2M Red versus Quintet Bronze on Xperience SBS to demonstrate the benefits of upgrading the cartridge.

Xperience Acryl versus 6 Perpex versus Xtension 9, both with Quintet Blacks to demonstrate the differences in plinth, mass and isolation.


The system used was as follows: Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 Phono stage, Audion TVC pre amplifier, Audion Silver Night Special Edition Power Amplifier, Audio Note AN-E/Spe speakers. Cables and supports by Heretic Audio.

Finally  to finish off the exclusive VPO turntable, pictured below, was played with a variety of different music and requests through a Pro-Ject Phono Box RS.

The VPO is a special limited edition version of the Classic turntable. Built to commemorate the 175th anniversary of The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, just 175 of these beautifully finished turntables will be produced. Featuring a violin like high gloss wooden chassis, a metal chassis inspired by brass instruments, a finger lift from a clarinet flap and even the on switch/speed changer from a flute button, it makes a real statement in any setting.

A special Ortofon Cadenza cartridge, made only for this turntable, is included in the £6,500 price tag.


In the upstairs showroom we put together a display a selection of just some of the massive range of products that Pro-Ject manufacture in Austria, from their turntables through to their electronics, loudspeakers and accessories


Henley Audio, the Pro-Ject distributors, kindly donated an excellent prize draw for attendees, and congratulations to JJ whose name was pulled from the hat.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along, as well as to Kieran from Henley Audio for making it all possible.

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