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Ortofon Hear the Difference Event 23rd September 2017

Following the great success of our Ortofon cartridge comparison event earlier in the year (see here), Henley Audio, the UK distributors of Ortofon rolled out a tour of the UK enabling many more listeners to hear the differences between various cartridge models, as well as showing the brand new Winfeld Ti for the first time. Naturally we were delighted to host another of these events, so on Saturday the 23rd of September we did two complete run through's of the cartridges.  


The line up started from the 2M Red, through the 2M Blue, Quintet Blue, Quintet Black S, Cadenza Bronze, Cadenza Black and finished with the Winfeld Ti.

The system used featured the Pro-Ject Signature 10 turntable with Pro-Ject Uni 1 way power supply, Ortofon ST80 step up transformers (for the MC cartridges), Audion Premier phono stage, The Bespoke Audio Company Silver pre amplifier, Audion Black Shadow 2 power amplifiers and Heretic Audio Huron H3SV speakers.

The brand new Winfeld Ti cartridge is the latest, and most affordable of the Ortofon cartridges to benefit from a 3D printed Titanium body, and was the cartridge run at the very end of the demonstrations.

Henley Audio, the Ortofon distributors, kindly donated an excellent prize draw for attendees, pictured above.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along, as well as to Kieran from Henley Audio for making it all possible.

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