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Nottingham Analogue turntable tweaks

For the excellent Nottingham Analogue turntables there are several tweaks that can be made to further improve performance.

•For turntables with the foam Space Mat we recommend trying a Ringmat  mat in its place.

•For decks without an external power supply we recommend the  Edwards Audio Iso1, Project Speedbox SE or Wave Mechanic (the latter is recommended by Nottingham Analogue themselves).

•For the Space Deck, Space 294 and Ace Space Deck we recommend the Heavy kit, detailed below:

Nottingham Analogue Heavy kit

The heavy kit replaces the existing foam mat of the Space Deck, Ace Space and Space 294 with the Graphite ‘mat’ used on the Dais and Hyperspace. Calling it a Mat is a very loose term, as it is 25mm thick and weighs a not insubstantial 2.9kg. The kit includes everything you need to fit it to the deck including well written instructions, an Allen key and a spacer to raise the armboard assembly up (we need to know which tonearm you have fitted to ensure we supply the right kit). A damping ring is also supplied to go between platter and mat. This is quite an easy upgrade to fit, but you need to be confident making adjustments to the tonearm and armboard. If you’d prefer us to install it then that would of course be possible for a small labour charge.

Sonically it builds upon the areas where Nottingham Analogue decks already excel, you get a blacker background (and greater resolution because of this), lower frequencies appear to extend deeper and have more definition and the higher frequencies gains air and space. Speed stability improves further and most rewardingly it increases the scale of sound whilst sounding wonderfully composed and effortless.

Nottingham Analogue Heavy Kit: for Spacedeck and Ace Spacedeck £570.00

Nottingham Analogue Heavy Kit: for Space 294 £630.00


Above left, deck prior to fitment of heavykit, above right and below after fitment

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