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Deco Bespoke Passive Pre


Under our ‘Bespoke Modifications’ service we also make special products to order. Recently we have had increasing demand for simple passive pre amplifiers and so have decided to feature them here. The beauty with this is there’s no standard product - you choose the exact specification, from the housing used, through to the components used.

The average entry level build costs in the region of £200, but we don’t scrimp on the quality - parts often include an aluminium extruded case, silver plated socketry, our level one silver wiring and quality potentiometer. A cheaper ABS boxed version with a more basic potentiometer could also be made for an even lower cost if required. More deluxe versions with higher grade potentiometers or switched attenuators and our level two cotton covered silver wiring can cost in the region of £400-£600 depending upon exact specification.

For more information on costings please contact us with details including the number of inputs required, details of the system it will be used with and we will design a unique passive to your requirements.  

Above: Another of the many off the shelf cases that customers have specified over the years.

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