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Mains Wall Sockets

Furutech Wall sockets


The Furutech FP-1363 are beautifully made mains wall sockets, the thick nylon/fibreglass mounting fascia is reassuringly substantial and houses high quality copper conductors that are then plated with either gold or Rhodium depending upon the model ordered. Single and double versions are available as pictured here ( the eagle eyed will have noticed the double socket has 4 screw fixings, this is a pre production model and the production ones will have two screw fixing for use into any conventional backbox).


-Furutech FP-1363-SG single wall socket, Gold plated: £86.00

-Furutech FP-1363-SR single wall socket, Rhodium plated: £108.00

-Furutech FP-1362-DG double wall socket, Gold plated: £138.00

-Furutech FP-1362-DR double wall socket, Rhodium plated: £165.00

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