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Turntables up to £699

Project Elemental

The Element is the latest budget turntable from Project, and what a wonderfully unpretentious thing it is. To keep costs low there’s no lid and barely a plinth - just a simple plank onto which arm, bearing and motor are attached. Beneath this, to give it stability, there’s a single large  ‘artificial stone’ foot to add mass and damp vibration. Atop there’s a wood platter, and that’s basically it! The result is an incredibly compact and surprisingly stylish turntable.

The supplied cartridge is an Ortofon OM5E, and thanks to the factory fitted counterweight there’s absolutely no setting up necessary, just unbox it and plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Interestingly the motor is a AC design which is run off an internal power supply (a DC wallwart is supplied, from this the power supply then creates an independent AC waveform to drive the motor), which is a good thing and very unusual at this price point. Speed is changed between 33rpm and 45rpm by moving the drive belt on the pulley, which given its location at the left front of the deck (right next to the power switch) makes it wonderfully quick to do.

Sonically, whilst the deck is no giant killer, it is certainly a fun thing to listen to and a brilliant entry into the world of vinyl - and far superior to all of the sub £200 decks we’ve experienced recently. The sound is brimming with excitement, with a nice clean low frequency performance that keeps bass lines flowing well, and LP surface noise is relatively well suppressed for a budget design too.

There are three different finishes available (on the top surface of the plinth) and two different model specifications, a standard design for use into systems that have their own phono stage and the Phono USB version which has both a USB output for making easy recordings onto computer as well as line level RCA outputs, enabling connection into amplifiers/systems without their own phono stages.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: Ortofon OM5E prefitted

Lid: Not included (lift off lid available as an optional extra, see below)

Finishes: Silver (as pictured here), Red or White top inlay

Project Elemental turntable: £159.00

Project Elemental Phono USB turntable: £219.00

Optional extras:

Project Cover-IT E lift off dust cover: £60.00

Project Acryl-IT E Acrylic platter upgrade: £85.00

Project Primary

Project Essential II

Please note the pictures shown here are similar but not identical to the Primary and will be updated shortly

The Primary is the starting point in Pro-jects range for a conventionally styled (square plinth and with lid) turntable. It comes factory fitted with the Ortofon OM5E cartridge and the arm features sapphire bearings. The composite wood platter is driven by a belt around its perimeter, from a pulley in the rear left corner, which makes changing speed very easy.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: Ortofon OM5E prefitted

Lid: Yes

Finishes: textured matte black, White and Red

Project Primary turntable in matte textured black, red or white: £169.00

Also now available is the Primary Phono USB version, which features an internal phono stage as well as an onboard 24bit/96kHz analogue to digital convertor (ADC) outputting via USB for use into a connected computer.. This combination provides both analogue line level outputs (for connection into an amplifier without a phono stage) as well easy ripping of vinyl onto a computer.

Project Primary Phono USB turntable with integral phono stage and ADC, in Black, red or white: £229..00

Optional extras:

Project Acryl-IT E Acrylic platter upgrade: £85.00

Project Essential III

The Essential III features an impressive specification at this price point, including an attractive gloss painted plinth, acrylic platter and high quality pre installed cartridge (the Ortofon OM10). The main bearing feature low friction teflon and the arm bearings are sapphire, so even the parts you can’t see are carefully designed for best performance. The acrylic platter is driven by a belt around its perimeter, from a pulley in the rear left corner, which makes changing speed very easy.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: Ortofon OM10 prefitted

Lid: Yes

Finishes: Gloss black, White and Red

Project Essential III turntable: £239.00

Rega Planar 1

New for 2016, the Planar 1 is the replacement for the wonderful RP1. It features a large number of changes over its predecessor .

Most obvious is the gloss laminated plinth, which is available in black or white. The tonearm is a new model too, called the RB110 it features a new patent pending ultra low friction bearing design which is claimed to have zero play. The headhsell has been re-engineered to make it more rigid as well as being easier to use. As with the previous model, a Rega Carbon cartridge is factory fitted as standard.

A 24 volt motor with aluminium pulley offers improved speed stability and it drives a thicker 23mm phenolic platter, which has a stronger flywheel effect than the previous version. The platter spins upon a new brass bearing assembly which also has a patent pending design that improves fit and reduces stress on the contact points, whilst minimising the transfer of potential energy.

The Planar 1 can also be upgraded with the Performance Pack, which improves the cartridge, mat and drive belt.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: Rega Carbon factory fitted

Lid: Included

Finishes:  Gloss Black or White

Rega Planar 1 turntable package: £248.00

Rega Performance Pack upgrade kit (does not include an RP1 turntable): £85.00

Project Debut S/E3

This latest iteration of the classic Debut recipe features a full size platter, tweaked motor mounting, new round cross section drive belt and an uprated cartridge (Ortofon OM10 Super). The plinth is painted in a high gloss black and looks stunning, particularly for a deck at this low price level. The sound produced is pleasingly lively and toe tapping, making it a great place to get into vinyl for the style conscious audiophile.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change (can also play 33.3 & 78rpm with the addition of the 78rpm pulley kit)

Cartridge: Ortofon OM10 Super factory fitted

Lid: Included

Finishes:  Gloss Black

Project Debut S/E3 turntable: £265.00

Rega Planar R78

The Planar 78 is a mono, single speed turntable designed specifically for playback of 78rpm records only. A matching Rega mono RB78 cartridge is available, please see our cartridge section for more details.

Speeds: 78rpm only

Cartridge: See pricing below

Lid: Included

Finishes: Grey

Rega R78 turntable £285.00 excluding cartridge

Rega R78 turntable £353.00 with Rega RB78 cartridge included

Project RPM1 Carbon

The RPM 1 Carbon features a new arm design from Pro-Ject, the tube uses carbon fibre wrapped around an aluminium core and is made using a complex 3-step process with heat treatment and 100bar pressure. The result is an arm Project claim is very rigid, well damped and low resonance.

 The motor is an AC synchronous design which is fed from an internal DC driven power supply. The main turntable bearing features a ceramic ball bearing, and the mdf platter is topped with a felt mat. An Ortofon 2M Red cartridge is factory fitted, making setup very straight forward.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: Ortofon 2M red prefitted

Lid: Optional extra, price TBC

Finishes: Gloss Black, Red or White

Project RPM1 Carbon turntable: £325.00

Edwards Audio Apprentice mk2

The Apprentice mk2 is an excellent entry level turntable from Edwards Audio. Made in the UK, this design is a perfect example of a finely tweaked product whose resulting sound punches well above its price tag. It features a clear acrylic platter and is factory fitted with the Edwards Audio Zephyr C100 cartridge. The acrylic platter helps the deck produce a wonderfully clean sound with excellent neutrality, making it one of our strongest recommendations for a high performance budget deck. If you can’t stretch to the Edwards Audio TT1 (detailed below) then this is a really excellent alternative.  Please note the picture here is of the original version, the latest mk2 has the excellent Rega RB202 derived tonearm fitted as standard.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: Edwards Audio Zephyr 100 cartridge

Lid: Included

Finishes:  Grey

Edwards Audio Apprentice turntable with cartridge £349.95

Project Debut Carbon DC

The Project Carbon combines the value for money underpinnings of the classic Debut turntable design with a beautifully made tonearm made whose tube and headshell is made from woven carbon fibre. To top it off the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge completes the package - a remarkably accomplished cartridge to be packed with a turntable at this price level.

Available in Gloss Black, White, Red Yellow, Green, Silver and Blue

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change (can also play 33.3 & 78rpm with the addition of the 78rpm pulley kit)

Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Red

Lid: Included

Finishes: All the following are Gloss finishes: Black, White, Red Yellow, Green, Purple, Light Grey and Blue

Project Debut Carbon DC turntable package: £325.00

Project Debut Carbon DC turntable package with internal phono stage with both line out and USB: £399.00

Optional extra:

Project Acryl-IT E Acrylic platter upgrade: £110.00

Rega Planar 2

The Planar 2 is a model that has been missing from the Rega range for several years, so it’s great to see it back.

What always made the Planar 2 special was the tonearm, and that’s still the case today. The new RB220 naturally features a one piece cast arm tube and has been fitted with a new patent pending bearing assembly which is claimed to offer zero play and ultra low friction.

The plinth is a high gloss black or white acrylic laminated design which is rigid, lightweight and very attractive. A 24 volt motor drives a new patent pending self securing main bearing, which is claimed to offer improved fit and reduced stress on the bearing, as well as reduced energy transfer into the plinth. On top spins a 10mm thick glass platter with white frosted edging.

The Planar 2 can also be upgraded with the Performance Pack, with includes the Bias 2 cartridge, White drive belt and felt mat.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: Rega Carbon factory fitted

Lid: Included

Finishes:  Gloss Black or White

Rega Planar 2 turntable package: £375.00

Rega Performance Pack upgrade kit (cartridge, belt and mat upgrade): £85.00

Edwards Audio TT1 MK2

The TT1 mk2 is the latest version of this award winning design. It features the same acrylic platter and one piece cast tonearm as before but now benefits from a more rigid and very attractive satin paint finished plinth. Included is the blue Little Belter drive belt and a ceramic ball bearing. It can be ordered with or without a cartridge, please see pricing below.

This deck is made in the UK and is the result of much experimentation and auditioning - I can say this with confidence as I was present at the listening sessions where the specification of the deck was derived and can say that having compared it to its competitors this deck offers quite remarkable performance for its price. It is very involving to listen to, with great weight and scale whilst retaining a remarkably uncoloured midband and open high frequencies.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: See pricing below

Lid: Included

Finishes: Satin Black or Satin White

Edwards Audio TT1 mk2 turntable without cartridge £429.95

Edwards Audio TT1 mk2 /C100 turntable including Zephyr C100 cartridge : £469.95

Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB

The Carbon Espirit SB is based upon the Debut carbon featured further up this page. The basic design is the same, but the Esprit SB benefits from an acrylic platter and internal electronic speed control for easy 33/45/78 switching (via a switch in the front left hand corner of the deck - not shown in the picture above) and reduced motor noise.

Speeds: 33.3, 45 and 78rpm, electronic change

Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Red

Lid: Included

Finishes: Gloss Black, Gloss Red and Gloss White

Project Debut Carbon Esprit SB: £425.00

Edwards Audio TT1SE

The Special Edition TT1 turntable from Edwards Audio is a substantial evolution from the original, and highly reviewed, original TT1. The SE features various changes to raise performance and cosmetics to an even higher level. To start with there’s a more rigid 18mm thick plinth which is beautifully finished with high gloss paint. The platter is made from turned frosted acrylic that’s 18mm thick, with a label recess and flywheel lip to concentrate the mass towards it’s outside edge. The Blue Little Belter drive belt is included which spins the platter upon a the ceramic ball bearing. The TA202 tonearm is included, which is a rigid one piece Rega derived design of very high performance. It is available without cartridge or with a choice of cartridges, please see pricing below.

Sonically the TT1SE is incredibly impressive. It has a clean, taut and purposeful sound, with good bass weight and excellent timing. Colouration is also impressively low for a deck at this price level, evidently thanks to the carefully chosen materials used in its construction.

There’s a great sense of fun to the sound of the TT1SE, the music really drives along when required, yet is subtle and delicate when it needs to be. We can highly recommend it, for the price it offers superb performance and the sharp looks are the icing on the cake.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: See pricing below

Lid: Included

Finishes: High Gloss Black, White or Red

Edwards Audio TT1SE  excluding cartridge: £499.95

Edwards Audio TT1SE  with Edwards Audio C100 cartridge: £539.95

Edwards Audio TT1SE  with Goldring 2100 cartridge: £644.95

Rega Planar 3

The Iconic Planar 3 name is back for 2016 as the replacement for the very popular RP3. The changes over its predecessor are numerous and include a high gloss acrylic laminated plinth with improved bracing, an upgraded bearing assembly, new sub and glass glass platters, even newly designed feet.

Arguably the most important ingredient has also changed, the tonearm, always the stand out feature on Rega decks and this time it is no exception. The RB330 tonearm features a new bearing housing which allows lower friction in both horizontal and vertical movements, and it’s naturally combined with their trademark excellent one piece cast arm tube.

As with the previous model the turntable can easily be upgraded with the external TT-PSU power supply.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: See pricing below

Lid: Included

Finishes: Black or White.

Rega Planar 3 turntable excluding cartridge: £550.00

Rega Planar 3 with Rega Elys 2 cartridge package price: £625.00

Project 1 Xpression Carbon UKX

The 1 Expression Carbon is the latest in a long line of Expression turntables. The high gloss plinth (which is finished in a rather lovely dark red called Bordeaux, dark blue or black) houses a suspended AC motor and quality bearing assembly. On top there’s a an acrylic platter (the pictures will be updated shortly) and a cork mat is included, although it doesn’t have to be used. The tonearm is the latest generation of the Carbon tonearm, which they claim is their stiffest yet and features an oversized support for the bearing assembly.

Speed change (33 and 45rpm) is performed in the time honoured fashion of lifting off the platter and moving the belt. The turntable can also be used with 78 rpm records by buying an optional pulley kit and stylus.

The cartridge is a new model, which for the time being at least, is exclusively available on the 1 Expression Carbon. It is based upon the Ortofon 2M red and features silver wound coils and a translucent grey housing.

You need to be a bit patient with this deck, straight out of the box the sound is rather too bright, but once the cartridge has a dozen on more sides on it then it calms down considerably. The result is a colourful and entertaining performance that doesn’t fail to make your foot tap, with plenty of bite and attack when required, along with decent warmth and weight to underpin the fast top end.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change (can also play 33.3 & 78rpm with the addition of the 78rpm pulley kit)

Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Red

Lid: Included

Finishes:  Bordeaux (as pictured here), Midnight Blue and Gloss Black

Project 1 Expression Carbon turntable: £575.00

Edwards Audio TT2SE

The TT2SE fits neatly in the Edwards Audio turntable range, bridging the gap between TT1SE and TT3SE. It features a 22mm plinth - in essence a single layer version of the plinth on the TT3SE, which is finished with a high gloss paint finish. An 18mm acrylic platter (as also seen on the TT1SE) sits upon an a unique aluminium hub which runs upon a ruby ball bearing, lubricated by a special high performance oil.

Like all elements of the deck, even the drive belt material was chosen through extended listening. To top it off a rigid under-hung brass counter is used on the tonearm, as well as output phono sockets on the back of the plinth, so you can use the interconnect cables of your choice.

The TT2SE takes the already excellent performance of the TT1SE to a new level. There are improvements across the board, but most obvious is the even more extended and substantial low frequencies. There are also good gains in definition, particularly to the leading edges of notes that simply makes them sound faster and more lifelike. Like the whole Edwards Audio family of turntables, this deck really gets your foot tapping, with excellent timing and rhythmicality.

This deck is highly recommended, as it is an incredibly well rounded package sonically, and punches well above its price level.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Cartridge: See pricing below

Lid: Included

Finishes: High Gloss Black, High Gloss White, High Gloss Red

Edwards Audio TT2SE turntable without cartridge: £699.95

Edwards Audio TT2SE turntable with Goldring 2100 cartridge: £844.95

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