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Step Up Transformers

We are great believers that the best way to amplify the very delicate signals from a Moving Coil cartridge is to use a good quality transformer - this way you retain the dynamics and tonal colour of the original sound without unpleasant grain or distortion as found in many active MC stages. These units should be used between cartridge and a moving magnet phono stage.

Deco Audio Products STEP Standard 20

The STEP Standard is a high quality step up transformer, offering amazing performance despite its low cost. With a ratio of 1 to 20 it will work with most conventional MC cartridges. More information is available on the Deco Audio Products website here.

Deco Audio Products STEP Standard 20 step up transformer: £195.00

Pure Sound T10 mk2

The T10 is a compact and high performance step up transformer at a very reasonable price. It features adjustable cartridge loading switchable from 1:36 to1:18, therefore adjusting cartridge loading from 36 to 144 Ohms.

Pure Sound T10 mk2 step up transformer: £369.95

Ortofon ST-7

The ST-7 is a return to Ortofon making more affordable step up devices. Housed in a small but beautifully made metal enclosure, the ST-7 features sandwich wiring which is claimed to significantly improve the high frequency response and provide a very clear and open sound over the whole frequency range. High quality internal wiring is used to join the transformers to the gold plated socketry. Permalloy shielding is used to reduce the chance of hum pickup from surrounding pieces of electronics equipment and also help to prevent interaction between the two channels, improving stereo separation.


With gain of 24dB and suitable for cartridges with impedances spanning 2 Ω to 60 Ω, the ST-7 transformer is a perfect match for many cartridges, including the MC Quintet Series and the SPU Classic models.

Ortofon ST-7 step up transformer: £599.00

Audio Note Step up transformer range


The Audio Note range of transformers is very wide, with 7 basic models available which differ in terms of wiring and core materials from one another, each model is available with different impedances making a total of 22 models in all. The S8 and S9 are silver wired, the rest of the range are copper wired. All models are housed in a copper chassis and has a choice of brushed silver or black acrylic fascia.

Despite the large number of models, choosing the one that’s right for you needn’t be too difficult, we can advise as to the right gain and impedance required for your system.

The pricing of the models is as follows:

-Audio Note AN-S1: £POA at manufacturers request

-Audio Note AN-S2: £POA at manufacturers request

-Audio Note AN-S3: £POA at manufacturers request

-Audio Note AN-S4: £POA at manufacturers request

-Audio Note AN-S5: £POA at manufacturers request

-Audio Note AN-S8: £POA at manufacturers request

-Audio Note AN-S9: £POA at manufacturers request (pictured below)

Ortofon ST-80SE

The ST-80SE is the current top of the range transformer from Ortofon. The transformers are shielded by a permalloy case which is inserted into the aluminium cylinders that protrude out of the heavy (1.5kg)  box. This transformer is not adjustable and suited to cartridges with less than 10 ohm impedance, which includes the Ortofon Cadenza, Xpression and SPUs.

Ortofon ST-80SE step up transformer: £1,449.00

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