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Something Solid

These handmade stands are produced locally in Towcester. Their designer (Mark Orr) has been producing excellent value for money stands for several years and due to his ongoing R&D we feel his racks and stands are the best sounding available.

The various Something Solid models are featured throughout this website, please click on the Products link in the title bar and look under the ‘Stands & Racks’  and ‘Accessories’ sections for more details.

For an article by designer Mark Orr please click here

Professional Customers

Something Solid supports are not just a favourite of audiophiles, you will also find them in many recording studios - we have supplied them to some of the top studios, engineers and artists. We can have almost any creation made, just contact us with your specification for a quote.

Custom Orders

Because all the Something Solid stands are hand made it is possible to specify a one-off design to suit your needs. We have had special orders for every thing from unusual shelf spacing on their equipment supports to complete record racks. We feel the prices for this are exceptionally reasonable (like the whole of the something Solid range)


Above: Special order 4 by 4 stand designed to suit a customer with 2 different pairs of loudspeakers, one of which was the Loth X Amaze speakers pictured above.

Above: Custom made record display rack made for the shops showroom.

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