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New, ex-demonstration & part exchange special offers

List updated 02 July 2022

Don’t forget to check our ebay shop for a variety of clearance items


-Garrard 401 turntable in custom plinth with transformer power supply, Opus Cantus parallel tracking tonearm and Audio Technica OC9 MC cartridge. Price TBC

-Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC in gloss Black with Ortofon 2m Red cartridge. Ex demonstration, now £275.00

-Rega Planar 2 turntable in Red. Ex demonstration, now SOLD.

-Thorens TD125mk1 with SME 3009 series 2, with Denon DL102 mono cartridge (can be removed prior to sale). Price TBC


-Grace 707 tonearm. Part exchanged, now £125.00

-Helius Omega Standard 10 ten inch tonearm. New (2018 production) and boxed, was £3,224, now £1,999.00.



-Kiseki Blue Gold Spot. Less than 200 hours use, but suspension is very low (requires readjustment). Part exchanged, now £600 (we can also offer this cartridge with adjustment, please enquire for more details)

-Krell KC100 MC cartridge. Quite possibly rarer than hens teeth. Requires repair as the cantilever is bent. Part exchanged, now £750  (we can also offer this cartridge with repair competed, please enquire for more details).


-Consonance CD120Linear in silver. Excellent sounding filterless CD player. Part exchanged, now SOLD

-Micromega Stage CD transport and DAC with Sterling cable. Just serviced and fitted with a new laser. Part exchanged, now £995.00

-Pro-ject CD Box RS with Uni-1 Power supply in silver. Ex demonstration, were £1,258, now £845


-Nakamichi 480 cassette deck. Price RESERVED

-Revox B77 HSmk1 Ultra rare high speed (7.5 and 15ips) classic reel to reel machine. Price TBC.


-Talk Electronics Lightning 1.1 tuner very nice and quite rare FM tuner in silver. Part exchanged, now £200.00


-Pure Sound P10 valve MM phono stage. Part exchanged, now SOLD


-Meridian 101 pre amplifier with matching 104 FM tuner. Part exchanged, now £350.00 for the pair, or £195 each.


-Audion Sterling EL34 mk1 integrated single ended valve amplifier. Just serviced and fitted with new output valves. Part exchanged, now £975  

-Pathos Logos Hybrid integrated amplifier. Part exchanged, now £1,350

-Pure Sound A10 integrated valve amplifier. Part exchanged, now SOLD

-Unison Sinfonia integrated valve amplifier. Part exchanged, now £2,150.


-Edwards Audio HA1 headphone amplifier. Part exchanged, was £279.95, now £150.00


-Audio Note AX1 in Rosewood vinyl. Ex demonstration, were £605, now £450.00

-Audio Note AZ2H Hemp coned floorstanding speakers in black ash finish. Part exchanged, now SOLD

-Avantgarde Uno XD speakers in white with blue horns. Ex demonstration, were £26,000, now £17,500.

-Epos K5 miniature stand mount speakers in White, Ex display, were £299, now £145.

-Heco Direkt Dreiklang speakers in black. Ex demonstration, were £9,499, now £TBC

-Heco Aurora 700 floor standing speakers in ebony. Ex demonstration, now £850.00

-Heretic Audio H3 floor standing speakers in Cherry. Early set, as used at the Friars exhibition, now £1295.

-Q Acoustics 3010 in Walnut. New, were £159.00, now £130.00

-Q Acoustics 3020 in Gloss Black. Ex demonstration, were £279.00, now £225.00

-Q Acoustics 3020 in Graphite. New, were £199.00, now £165.00

-Q Acoustics 3050 floorstanding speakers in Gloss White. Ex demonstration, were £699.00, now £395 (collection only)

-Q Acoustics Compact 20 in Gloss White with matching stands. Ex demonstration, were £599 now £375.00

-Q Acoustics Compact 20 in Gloss Black. New, were £379 now £285.00

-Q Acoustics Compact 40 floor standing speakers in Gloss Black . Ex demonstration, were £999 now £595.00 (collection only)

-ProAc Studio 100 in Mahogany. Part exchanged, like new, coming in soon.

-Rega RX Five floorstanding in walnut real wood veneer. Ex demonstration, were £1,699, now £995.


-Quadraspire Q4 in Maple with Silver legs, 4 tier. Ex display, was £440, now SOLD


-Audio Note AN-J speaker stands. Sand filled high mass design, so collection only. Ex demonstration, some marks hence RESERVED.

-Something Solid XFII speaker stands top size 30 x 28cm, 65cm tall. New old stock, no packaging so collection only. Now £285.00

-Something Solid XFII speaker stands for Audio Note AN-J, 43cm tall. Part exchanged, no packaging so collection only. Now £150.00


All cables are terminated with phono plugs unless stated otherwise

Please see our  ebay shop  for various ex demo and special offer Atlas cables

-Cable Talk Monitor 3 interconnect, 1m long. Part exchanged, now £25.00


Please see our  ebay shop  for various ex demo and special offer Atlas cables

-Chord Sarum Super Aray Power Lead 1.5m long. Ex demonstration, was £2,150, now £1,200


Our warranty for all used equipment is 6 months (excluding valves).

All new and ex-demonstration items come with full manufacturers warranty from date of purchase.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure this list is up to date and accurate please note that errors and omissions are excepted.

It is not possible to mail order all of the items on this list as some do not have their original packaging, please contact us

for further information about any item here.

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