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Mains Plugs

Supra mains plug

Supra mains plug with gold plated contacts.

Supra Mains plug: £10 each.

MS HD Power Mains Plugs

Above: Silver plated version pictured

The MS HD plugs are a great value audiophile mains connector. They are easy to wire, have a strong and rigid plastic body and high quality conductors with Silver plated fuses supplied in all models. The plugs can accept cables with up to 16mm diameter external size, and conductors of up to 4mm

We particularly like the unplated and silver plated versions, but can supply all flavours as detailed below:

MS 328 UK 13A mains plug, with polished unplated pins: £34.95

MS 328S UK 13A mains plug, with silver plated pins: £42.95

MS 328G UK 13A mains plug, with Gold plated pins: £64.95

MS 328Rh  UK 13A mains plug, with Rhodium plated pins: £66.80

Furutech FI-UK 1363 mains plug


Hi-End UK mains plug. The body is fireproof ABS and the conductors are plated Eutectic brass. They are suitable for cable thicknesses of between 6mm to 20mm and are now available in both straight cable exit versions (as pictured above) and a more conventional ‘ L’ cable exit (as pictured below).  

Furutech FI-UK 1363 G Gold plated: £88.00

Furutech FI-UK 1363 G Gold plated L Shape: £129.95

Furutech FI-UK 1363 R Rhodium plated: £108.00.

Furutech FI-UK 1363 R Rhodium plated L shape: £159.95.

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