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IEC Plugs

Supra SWF-10


Entry level IEC plug suitable for thick cables including the Supra LoRad range.

Supra SWF-10 IEC: £12.00

MS HD IEC connectors

The MS HD plugs are a great value audiophile IEC connector. They are easy to wire, have a strong and rigid plastic body and high quality conductors. The plugs can accept cables with up to 16mm diameter external size, and conductors of up to 4mm.

We particularly like the unplated and silver plated versions, but can supply all flavours as detailed below:

MS 9315 IEC connector with polished unplated pins: £24.60

MS 9315S IEC connector with silver plated pins: £35.40

MS 9315G IEC connector with Gold plated pins: £36.50

MS 9315Rh IEC connector with Rhodium plated pins: £48.95

Furutech FI-15

Audio grade IEC connector with a high grade Nylon body and gold plated conductors. All metallic parts are treated with Furutech’s Alpha Process (Super Cryogenic & Demagnetised), The connectors themselves are made from Bronze and oxygen free copper.

They will accept 6.6 to 13mm external diameter cable and are rated at 10 amps (at 250v):

Furutech FI-15G Gold plated: £33.00

Furutech FI-15R Rhodium plated: £44.00

Furutech FI-11


Furutech IEC plug available in unplated (copper) form or with Gold or Silver plating. They take 6.6 to 16mm diameter cables (or up to 20mm when used with longer screws- not supplied) and are rated at 10A at 250V.

Furutech FI-11C Copper: £33.00

Furutech FI-11G Gold plated: £44.00

Furutech FI-11S Silver plated: £50.00

Furutech FI-25

Hi-End grade IEC connector. All metallic parts are treated with Furutech’s Alpha Process (Super Cryogenic & Demagnetised), the connectors themselves are made from Bronze and oxygen free copper with non-magnetic ‘Deep Thick Layer’ Silver plating underneath the top layer of plating (see options below). Cables with an external diameter of 6.6mm to 17.5mm can be accommodated and the connector is rated at 10A at 250v AC.

Furutech FI-25G Gold plated: £73.00

Furutech FI28

The FI-28R uses pure copper conductors that are cryogenically treated and demagnetised and plated with Rhodium. They are rated at 10A 250V and can accept cables between 6.6mm and 17.5mm with a patent pending clamp that improves grip whilst providing some vibration isolation.


Furutech FI-28R: £98.00

Furutech FI-50

Top of the range connector from Furutech features Rhodium plated pure copper conductors and multi layered stainless/carbon fibre housing. They can take cables of between 6 to 20mm diameter. For full details of this product please see their press release.

Furutech FI-50R £218.00

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