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Loudspeaker Drive Units

Vitavox Drive Units

Vitavox have long and illustrious history of producing some of the finest drive units and loudspeakers available. After an absence of a few years from the market their wonderful range is now back in production, made in the same way they always have been - meticulously by hand, in the UK.

We are delighted to be able to offer the following drive units and horns:

Compression driver

The Vitavox S2 mid range horn compression driver (aka Pressure Unit) is regarded by many as one of the finest mid range transducers available. The design uses a massive Alnico magnet, a complex phase corrector and incredibly thin single piece aluminium diaphragm. With an impedance of 15 ohms and incredibly high sensitivity they are incredibly efficient and can be mated to any suitable horn with a 1.5” throat size.

The S2 is most commonly crossed over with a second order crossover from about 500Hz when on a suitable horn (like the R300W below), and runs up to about 16kHz smoothly.

Vitavox S2 compression driver: £3,204.50 each

Mid range Dispersive Horn

The R300W is a modern refined interpretation of the original classic CN157 horn. It is made from solid Beech plywood, coated in lacquer and highly polished giving both stunning appearance and a very smooth horn surface. Metalised resin is used to fashion the very precise vanes in the throat, ensuring good high frequency distribution.

As these are made specifically to order it is possible to order the external parts tailored to your specification, to include cabinet mounting and so on, these special models are designated R300WX (the picture above is of a special order version which is intended to be used inside a cabinet, standard versions have a flat top and bottom).

Vitavox R300W mid range horn: £3,649.80 each

Vitavox R300WX mid range horn: Price on application

Low Frequency drive units

A range of four 15” paper coned drivers are available. All share the massive 2.1kg Alnico magnet system and rigid cast aluminium basket. The AK151 and 152 are especially well suited to horn loaded applications. Please see the manufacturers website for more information.

Vitavox K15/40: £3,095 each

Vitavox AK150: £3,095 each

Vitavox AK151: £3,095 each

Vitavox AK152: £3,095 each


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