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The Bespoke Audio Company

30th August 2017

We were delighted to host an event with Harry and Lucy from The Bespoke Audio Company, who visited for the evening to discuss and demonstrate their wonderful Transformer Volume Control pre amplifiers.

Above: A fully silver wired preamplifier with clear acrylic display lid.


Above: To show the complexity of transformer winding they brought along a winding machine. Lucy was demonstrating the process of wrapping the very thin wire around the bobbins.

Above: The demonstration system featured the Copper and Silver versions of The Bespoke Audio Company pre amplifiers.

The rest of the system was the Helius Alexia turntable, Omega Silver Ruby tonearm, Audio Note Io1 cartridge, Audio Note S2L step up transformer, Audion Premier phono stage, CEC TL5 CD Transport, Prototype of the top Heretic Audio Dacon DAC, Audion Golden Dream 300B parallel single ended valve amplifiers, Avantgarde Uno XD loudspeakers and full silver Heretic Audio wiring loom.

We would like to thank Harry and Lucy of The Bespoke Audio Company for making the trip up from Hastings to spend the evening here, as well as all the people who attended the event - as ever, your support makes it all worthwhile.

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